Alter Egos – Lauren’s 5-year anniversary

If you’ve ever stopped in our office, you may have a difficult time recalling the name of the girl sitting at the second desk from the door.  We won’t fault you for that; it changes frequently and it’s a mile long.  The story goes, her haircut and color were changing so often that her coworkers never recognized her, so they gave her a name plaque and now her name tends to change just as often.  


Enter Lauren V-A-N-S-T-E-E-N-V-O-O-R-T:  (do you need me to spell that again?)

Lauren enjoys spearheading our marketing efforts, and helping to streamline our office administration.  This past month marked her 5th year with Muhlenberg Greene Architects, and it has been 5 years full of silly team-building competitions and themed staff lunches. 

The coming months should be filled with Lauren’s frivolous festivities and competitions, so stop back to see what she is dreaming up!  Currently, she has the whole office knee-deep in Tootsie Pop wrappers, in preparation for Christmas….

So, if you have any suggestions for the name plaque of “that girl out front,” feel free drop us a line!

Happy Halloween!

Lorticia Vddams

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  1. Silver Fox says:

    Nice photo of the three chicks above. I know the one on the left, the one in the center, but have
    not had the pleasure of knowing Lorticia………..yet.

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