Let it Snow

The first snow of the season has just so happened to mark the kickoff of Muhlenberg Greene’s annual snowflake competition.  To celebrate our annual tradition, each member of the office submitted their papercraft snowflakes for review and, over the remainder of the month, they’ll be voted on by staff, guests, friends, and family.

We welcome anyone who wants to come visit the office to see the display in our lobby.  On November 29th, after the voting is concluded we will be hanging the entire MGA winter snowflake collection from the ceiling across the office.  We’ve been making snowflakes for 30 years, so it will be a blizzard of papercraft precipitation!

Voting on the competition closes November 29th, and we’re all excited to see which snowflake ends up ahead!  So please, come on down to the office to see the snowflakes and submit a ballot for your winning choice, or check out our Facebook page to leave a Like for your favorite snowflakes.  We’ll tally them all together and reveal the official winner after all the votes have been counted.

Putting all the snowflakes up on display
The weather was oddly perfectly times

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  1. Emily Danvers says:

    Love the snowflakes design. My favorite one is number 9 lovely butterfly:)