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Pop-Up Holiday Greeting Cards

As we close out our 95th anniversary year it seemed appropriate at this time to write about our traditional holiday greeting cards. We take great pride in this old-time ritual because it is our way...
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An April Fools’ Day to Remember

After a successful interview with the firm of Muhlenberg Greene Veres, I was hired, on a “temporary basis”, to work through the summer of 1970 with the intent of returning to my alma mater to...
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Our Beginnings in the Roaring 20’s

In our beginnings, Frederick Muhlenberg designed a wide variety of building structures, and the office was very busy during the 1920s. The projects listed below are only a sample of projects in our archive from...
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Questions from a Student

Dec 4, 2014
I recently had the pleasure of answering some questions on the field of Architecture from a student of a local high school. As part of his senior research project, he had several questions...
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