As a successor to an architectural practice begun in 1920, Muhlenberg Greene Architects, Ltd. traces a lively, continuous history which mirrors, in any decade during that period, the then contemporary development occurring in Reading/Berks County Community.  The past client list is rich in the names of the area’s major public and private institutions.  Such local landmarks as Berks Heim, the Medical Arts Building and Stokesay Castle are products of the Firm’s historic past.


Frederick A. Muhlenberg, Architect

Portrait of Frederick A. Muhlenberg 1980

The founder of the Firm, Frederick A. Muhlenberg, FAIA, was noted for his endeavors not only in architecture, but also in community and social services, politics, and the military.  He graduated from Gettysburg College in 1908 and from the University of Pennsylvania in 1912 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture.  He later obtained a M.S. from Gettysburg in 1913 and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Muhlenberg College in 1942.

On May 1, 1919, after an apprenticeship served mainly in the Philadelphia office of John T. Windrim, Architect, and after serving as a captain in the 314th Infantry during World War I (incidentally with great distinction and was awarded decorations to prove it), Mr. Muhlenberg opened an architectural office in Philadelphia.  Within a year of that beginning, a second office was opened, located in the Liberty Bank Building, Sixth and Court Streets, Reading.  By the mid-1920s the practice, now located exclusively in Reading, was thriving, and the firm that Mr. Muhlenberg founded has continued through several reorganizations to its present form as Muhlenberg Greene Architects, Ltd.

Frederick A. Muhlenberg Historic Opening Announcement May 1st, 1919, Philadelphia, PA

During the intervening years, to accommodate the “several reorganizations” mentioned, the Firm operated for various periods under the following names (dates in some cases are approximate).

Frederick A. Muhlenberg, Architect,  1920 – 1935
Muhlenberg & Muhlenberg, 1925-1935
Muhlenberg, Yerkes, Muhlenberg,  1935 – 1954

Muhlenberg and Yerkes,  1954 – 1959
Frederick A. Muhlenberg & Associates,  1959 – 1965
Muhlenberg-Greene-Veres,  1965 – 1972
Muhlenberg Greene Architects,  1972 – 1980
Muhlenberg Greene Architects, Ltd.,  1980 – Present


Muhlenberg Greene Architects

After Mr. Muhlenberg’s retirement, the Firm became the sole proprietorship of Lawrence A. Greene (who had, at that time, been a partner for 12 ½ years) until January 1, 1980 when the present professional corporation-form of organization, and name, was established.  The three original principals (stockholders) of the reorganized Firm were Lawrence A. Greene, Howard Quaintance, and James E. Dockey.  In 1983, Dennis W. Rex was added as a principal/stockholder of the Firm; likewise, John R. Hill became a principal/stockholder in 1998.


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